Thank you for your interest in Kathy Gale Editorial and Publishing Services. Here are further details of the service I offer.

I work with prospective, new and published authors and I offer writers the opportunity to work closely and in detail with an experienced editor and publisher. This unique service provides face-to-face consultations and personal editorial feedback, encouragement and support, enabling you to focus on your writing in a positive and constructive environment.

In most cases, my clients are writing and come to me for feedback on their work and their potential as authors. I offer to read your writing, to give my professional response, to work with you to develop your work and to support you to achieve your goals as an author.

I can also provide detailed information about literary agents, the literary establishment and the publishing world.

I like to work closely with authors and aim to develop a strong and supportive relationship that will enable you to maximise your potential as a writer. I offer support through the challenges of creating the time and space to write; dealing with work/life/family balance; maintaining confidence; dealing with writer’s block; and the other myriad challenges and joys of being an author.

If you suspect you are not good enough, professional enough, young enough, old enough, attractive enough or serious enough to be a writer, I can help. I can give you a clear and honest response to your work and your potential, and provide accurate information about the publishing world and its requirements of authors.

I also work with prospective writers who have not yet put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, supporting you to start writing, exploring any blocks that are inhibiting you and finding constructive ways forward.

If you are a published writer thinking of changing creative direction, facing change or challenge at your publisher, or wanting to develop your work, I can help, with editorial work, information and support.

In addition, I offer advice and information to those considering self-publishing or entering into any book-publishing-related venture.


Coaching for Prospective Authors

I offer a sequence of editorial consultations for authors who are already writing, but not necessarily published. In the initial session, which is free of charge, we look at your plans and hopes as a writer, where you are now and what you would hope to gain from working with me. We will begin to get to know each other and to talk about how we would work together to support you to achieve your goals.

If we decide to proceed, I will usually ask you to leave a sample of your work with me – a maximum of 15,000 words. I will then read and think about your work, and prepare feedback for you in advance of our next session.

In the second session, I  give my feedback on your writing and we look in depth together at your work. You may want to consider changes or developments in your writing, either broadly or in terms of more detailed editorial work, and we would explore this together. We would consider your goals as a writer and explore how best to achieve them in the context of your work. We would discuss the next step, which could be to rework the piece of writing you have shown me and then show it to me again, or to start working on a new piece or another section of your work.  If you have a complete manuscript, you may ask me to read this in its entirety.

Subsequent sessions are tailor made to support your writing.  You can arrange subsequent sessions, email or telephone consultations when it suits you.  Typically, in later sessions, I give feedback on revised work or on new sections of your writing, often working towards a final manuscript for you to submit to agents. 

In these sessions, you can also expect to receive support through the challenges of being a writer, such as creating the time and space to write, maintaining confidence and dealing with writer’s block.

If required, at any stage, we can talk about how the publishing industry works, and how to approach agents and publishers.

New Writers' Coaching Group

Kathy is now offering a coaching group especially for writers with the potential to become published and published authors who want to go to the next level.  This group is designed to give people the best-possible chance of publication and to maximise their potential as a writer. Click here for more details.


Prospective authors who have not yet begun to write

If you have not yet begun to write, I can provide encouragement, strategies for starting out and support. If you are finding it difficult to begin, I can talk with you about the difficulties you are experiencing and explore ways to overcome them with you. In these circumstances, I offer an initial session to talk over your situation and ongoing sessions as and when you need them.


Coaching for published authors

I offer consultations for published authors if, for example, you want to change creative direction; would like to develop your writing; are facing change at your publisher; or need information or support to deal with other personal, professional or creative challenges.

New Writers' Coaching Group

Kathy is now offering a coaching group especially for writers with the potential to become published and published authors who want to go to the next level.  This group is designed to give people the best-possible chance of publication and to maximise their potential as a writer. Click here for more details.


Publishing projects

I can offer information, advice and support to those considering self-publishing, or entering into a publishing venture. This could include editorial feedback; suggestions for marketing and publicising your work; advice on e-publishing; and, if you are going down the print route, on jacket design, cover copy, format and price, as well as input into questions of distribution, print and paper quality, and other production values.


How to proceed

If you would like to proceed, please call me on 07944 137 248 or 020 8521 2589 for an initial conversation and, if we decide to go forward, to arrange your first session. This session is free of charge.

If you want me to read your writing as part of our work together, please bring with you a sample of up to 15,000 words. If we decide that we would like to continue working together, I will ask you to leave your sample with me so that I can read it prior to our next session together.

Your work should be typed, with double-line spacing, on one side of the page only.

At our first session, we will arrange a programme for you, depending on your individual requirements. You may want to arrange a number of sessions, or arrange one session at a time.

I will talk to you about costs, which may vary according to your requirements, during our first telephone conversation.

I can offer telephone and email consultations instead of face-to-face meetings, although one of the great benefits of this coaching is to be able to sit down with an experienced publisher and discuss your work face-to-face. It can be particularly beneficial to have at least the initial meeting in person. If you are ill or disabled and in the London area, it may be possible for me to travel to your home. If you would like to discuss telephone or home consultations, please let me know during our initial conversation.

Please note that the opinions I will express during our work together will be my own personal, professional opinions. I do not guarantee that my opinions will be shared by the publishing profession at large or by other individuals within publishing. I cannot guarantee publication as a result of working with me.

Achieving publication has always been difficult and it is particularly difficult at the moment. Please bear this in mind when coming to see me. In addition, publishing advances are often low and the road to publication often long, so even if you do become published you may not recoup what you have spent with me. I always emphasise this and we will discuss this further in your initial session.


Your future as a writer

Whatever route you take towards becoming or developing as a writer, I wish you every success and joy in the endeavour.


Kathy Gale Publishing Services


About Kathy Gale

I have worked in book publishing for over thirty years and my roles have included Senior Commissioning Editor at Pan Books, Macmillan and Hodder & Stoughton; Editorial Director of Pan Macmillan; Marketing Director at Simon & Schuster and Joint Managing Director of The Women's Press. For seven years, I was Project Director of the Quick Reads charity, a collaborative venture between bestselling writers and celebrities, leading publishers, government, the BBC and others to encourage more widespread reading across the UK and Ireland.

I also co-founded and co-run the executive coaching organisation, Working Edge, with my colleage Harriet Spicer. Working Edge offers executive coaching to individuals, organisations and groups.

I am passionate about writing and publishing, and about supporting people to achieve their full, creative potential.

My experience is in general mainstream publishing. Particular areas of expertise are literary and mass-market fiction; crime fiction; and a wide range of non-fiction, including memoir, biography and autobiography; the arts; personal and professional development; self-help; mind, body, spirit; politics; popular culture and current affairs. I have experience of adult and young adult publishing.

I maintain and respect confidentiality in my work with writers.

To read an article by Kathy for publishers about how to train authors, click here.




'It's been a long and winding road and a lot of hard work, but Kathy's quiet persistence and thorough knowledge of the publishing industry has taken me on an eye-opening journey from keen amateur writer to achieving a three-book deal with HarperCollins.'
J R Slatcher

‘Kathy Gale encouraged me, taught me how to believe in myself, gave me faith in my ability to write, stimulated me and put up with me, with undying patience, when I was totally out of order!  She enabled me to get my first book accepted by a top publisher at the first try.’
Melody Sachs, whose first novel, The Girl from the Tyne, will be published by Bonnier Zaffre in April 2017 as part of a two-book deal.

‘True, the book had to be written, but the problem was confidence.  I didn't have much, in me as a writer or in the book finding a publisher.  But Kathy grasped this and the project evolved.  In due course there was a book that looks as if it has been written by a real writer - and a publisher emerged as well - but it would never have happened without her.’
Chris Phillips, whose first book, Flower Essences and Depression, will be published by Floris Books.

‘When I began working with Kathy Gale my confidence in my own ability was fairly low and I wasn't sure how best to develop my writing skills . . . I was able to work flexibly with Kathy - really as much support as I wanted and needed, both in person, on the phone and by email. That was immensely helpful and reasssuring. Now, just over a year later, I have a first draft of a book, an offer of representation from a leading agent, and interest from a major publisher. None of those things would have happened without Kathy's support. I can't recommend her highly enough.’
Melissa Harrison, author of Clay and At Hawthorne Time published by Bloomsbury, several non-fiction books by Faber & Faber and now also a columnist on The Times.

‘As my publisher/editor, Kathy Gale was astute, empathetic, entertaining, focussed and engaged. I entirely enjoyed working with her.’
Joan Barfoot, author of Gaining Ground, Dancing in the Dark, Duet for Three, Family News, Plain Jane, Charlotte and Claudia Keeping in Touch, Some Things About Flying, Getting Over Edgar, Critical Injuries (The Women’s Press); and Luck (Weidenfeld & Nicolson).

‘I worked with Kathy Gale for a number of years when she was publisher at The Women’s Press, and found her to be a talented and dedicated editor who was committed to high-quality publishing.’
Marcia Muller, author of the Sharon McCone crime novels (The Women’s Press).

‘Kathy Gale is a superb editor, extremely perceptive in seeing the true shape, direction and texture of your writing and helping you to refocus, cut and restructure. Her sensitivity and respect for the writing and the writer make her adept at helping you to do this without pain. In my earlier career, she was an immense support to me - and I learned a great deal from her.’
Stevie Davies, author of Boy Blue, Primavera, Arms and the Girl, The Web of Belonging (televised as Belonging, starring Brenda Blethyn, on BBC1), Four Dreamers and Emily, Impassioned Clay, The Element of Water, Emily Bronte: Heretic, Unbridled Spirits: Women of the English Revolution 1640-1660 (The Women’s Press); Kith and Kin (Phoenix).

‘Kathy Gale was very important in getting my first three books, the Diving In trilogy, successfully published. As an editor, she was never afraid to tell me where I’d gone astray, but she’d be enormously supportive too. My sessions with her were honest, invigorating and, most of all, creative. I’ve got a lot to thank her for.’
Kate Cann, author of Diving In, In the Deep End, Sink or Swim (Women’s Press); Footloose, Fiesta, Speeding, Shacked Up, Hard Cash (Scholastic); California Holiday, Spanish Holiday, Grecian Holiday (Avon Books); Too Hot to Handle, Caught in the Act (Red Fox); Crow Girl, Text Game (Barrington Stoke); Speeding (Simon Pulse).

‘Having been a TV writer for nearly twenty years, I’d decided I wanted to write a book but was nervous of switching disciplines, uncertain whether I’d be able to adapt my skills from one area to another. I gave my first three chapters to Kathy to read and found her thoughtful analysis, detailed feedback and encouragement extremely helpful, all of which gave me the confidence to continue.’
Elly Brewer, Lead Writer, Series 1, The Story of Tracey Beaker, CBBC, and author of Jerry and the Jannans (Bloomsbury).

‘I worked closely with Kathy Gale on several novels. We did extensive work together, shaping and fine-tuning my books. I highly valued Kathy’s advice and expert, professional opinion, which greatly helped me to develop as a writer.’
Millie Murray, author of Kiesha, Lady A: A Teenage DJ, Cairo Hughes, Sorrelle, Jade (The Women’s Press); All About Jas (Hodder & Stoughton); Ebony and the Mookatook Bush (Longman’s); Addicted (Kingsway); Tough Talk (Authentic Light); and Lois (Scripture Union). Author of comedy sketches for The Real McCoy (BBC 2) and The Airport, which was shortlisted for Best Comedy of the Year, 1995 (BBC Radio 4).

‘I have known Kathy Gale for over fifteen years and have always admired her. She has had a unique career in publishing; editorial, senior management and marketing. Few people could embrace such a range of jobs and do them all well, but Kathy’s intelligence, good judgement and calm professionalism has always carried her through. I know that Kathy is one of those people who makes a success of everything she wants to do.’
Kate Jones, Literary Agent, ICM

‘Kathy Gale is a well-known and respected figure in British publishing. She will be known to many from her years as Joint Managing Director of The Women’s Press where her business acumen and good relationships with authors, agents and the book trade put the company on a sound footing at a difficult time. She also has hands-on experience of key areas of publishing, including working closely with authors as an editor, creating dramatic and effective marketing campaigns for a wide variety of titles and working closely with editorial and sales. Kathy knows the publishing business from top to bottom and is ideally placed to help new and existing authors reach their goals.’
Diane Spivey, Rights Director, Time Warner Books

‘I have had excellent experiences of working with Kathy. She is a skilled and sensitive editor with an eye for talent and a gift for helping authors make the very best of their work.'
Jenny Hewson, Literary Agent, Rogers Coleridge & White